Post Alley Café

Visit this historic coffee shop near UW in the heart of the University District.

Post Alley Café

The Post Alley Café was founded on a deep connection to Seattle and all of it’s rich history. Especially the historic Post Alley located in Pike Place Market. We have proudly partnered with Herkimer coffee to provide premium northwest roasts, and our baristas are trained by Herkimer owners themselves to create espresso drinks that would make Seattle proud.

We also carry market favorites like Marketspice Tea, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Ellenos Yogurt, Beecher’s Cheese, and Chuckar Cherries. All of our salads, wraps, and breakfast sandwiches are hand crafted in the Jewel Hospitality kitchen by our amazing Chef Andy Leonard, who uses fresh and wholesome ingredients.

Drop in for your morning coffee and enjoy a taste of Seattle’s finest, or come by for a glass of wine to finish off your day!

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Hours of Operation

Open daily from 6am to 7pm

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